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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


A lovely article by the author of Courtesans.
Like the author I have always been fascinated with the higher end of prostitution...
Like most women I know (although we do not often admit it), since that day I have always been fascinated by prostitutes. What are these women really like, we wonder? Why do they do what they do? And, most crucially, are there any circumstances at all under which we might do it too?

My book Courtesans came out of this lifelong fascination. I soon realised, however, that a courtesan (the word comes from the Italian cortegiana, meaning "woman of the court") was not a mere prostitute. Although she was unequivocally a "professional" woman, accepting money in return for sexual favours, she was very far indeed from being like the suspendered Parisian streetwalker I saw in the doorway that night.


Blogger UpMyKilt said...

An interesting article.. and glad I discovered your site.

Prostitution is an interesting topic.. but the article you refer to seems to discuss a different sort of prostitution that what I'd describe as "common prostitution."

Although I'm a male, in a "past life," I had a job that would often place me in the company of prostitutes. These were not the "Courtesans" that Hickman writes of. In most cases, I felt pity for the prostitutes I came across and talked with. Smelling filthy, dirty, and willing to give blow jobs for 10.00 to feed their crack habit. Hundreds of them. Trying to look sexy, while their shallow eyes gave away what they were. Desparate women. Desparate girls.

Ah, but this is not the "higher end" of prostitution, is it? Which of course, is a different story.

I wonder if prostitution, high end or low end, would exist, in a truly libertarian society, where folks would not have to worry about feeling guilt about sexual arousal, feeling guilt about being attracted to someone they just met, etc.? Or not feeling guilty about all of their so called "warped" and kinky thoughts?

But I'm rambling, with a glass of wine (Vidal) before retiring to bed. Sorry to pollute your blog with my comments, but hope you won't mind :)

10:17 PM  

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