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Friday, September 24, 2004

Welcome Fleshbotters!

black bra, black panties, lingerieWelcome to Lingerie Dreams. Here we have Virgina Collins on a hot summer afternoon pressed against her back fence in nothing but a thong and bra.

Thongs, once a girl gets used to them, make lots of sense for light weight lingerie. Under a tightly fitted silk skirt or linen pants a thong is essential. But I must admit I prefer a bit more cover.

Now, for the cheeky man who asked what photos I'd send if he bought the shower gel....shower pictures of course...my fond prayer is it lathers just enough...


Blogger niner said...

Oh my..this is my little fantasy.The short n not so sweet version. Well,sweet for somebody. Virgina is my new girlfriend of about 2 weeks. I'm a horndog and I want to have thong sex with her. My version of thong sex is lube up my Pen!s with clear baby oil,sit in a chair with my legs closed and my butt on the edge of the chair with my hips pushed up. She stradles me with her legs wide apart wearing nothing but her black thong,made of smooooth material with NO seams. She grabs my pen!s,places it on her thong covered U know and slowly sliiides forward till my pen!s starts to slide inbetween her buns were her thong becomes a thong. She slides foward more and slowly sits down on my d!ck,sliding it all the way up between her butt cheeks and over the exposed part of her thong at the top(the whaletail). That's why the thong is smooth and seamless. Only she catches me cheating on her and is so upset with the nerve I have she decides to get even,n then sum.Short story shorter I'm tied to a chair lubed up n ready for my wildest dream 2CUM true.She teases me squeezin her bunz n what not,stradles me, and my pen!s is harder then its ever been in my life,its fully engorged and the head of my pen!s is about to explode.I cant hardly breath,my whole body feels numb except my super hyper horny pen!s.My b@llz are swollen and my pen!s throbs like mad.The anticipation is almost 2great.I cant wait 2 buttdog those cheeks till I CUM hard between her buns and on her whailtail.I imagine the massive amount of semen I;m goin 2EJACULATE!She leans towords me and whispers what she knows.HER new boyfriend,with a pen!s n b@llz bigger then mine n just as horny comes N2 the room with a lubed up d!ck,takes a seat about 5ft in front of me facing me so I'm lookn at her butt and she proceeds 2 fullfill my fantasy with her new boyfriend.He's njoyin it just as much as I imagined I would.Up n down,she sways her hips n his big c#cksways left 2 right between her cheeks as she slides it uuup n dooown. She really gets N2 it,slappn her cheeks sqaushn his rod between her buns,she leaves just the head of his c#ck between her buns n moves her butt cheeks left n right n up n down,she turns her body 2the right slightly n bounces just her right bun while flingn her hips,her cheek actually slaps down on his left ball n his sac shakes n bounces wildy.She really gos all out with her mans d!ck.I watch with a throbin ready 2explode pen!s for 5 minutes till he ejaculates the most semen I;ve evr evn fanasised about squirtin,10 biig thiik wads of cum are spreadevenly between her cheeks n her uper thong.He let off the 1st blast when his pen!s tip was on her whailtail and his c@ck eye was pointed straight up n he launched his 1st squirt half way up her back.After he was all cummed out it looked like a semen bomb went off and spread its load out thick n in a verticull spread.The rest..is history.

4:47 PM  
Blogger niner said...

Oh I almost 4got, before her new boyfriend got his d!ck thonged, he rubbed the head of his pen!s all over her butt cheeks. I could tell it excited him almost beyond control.. He rubbed it up and down and in circles all over her butt cheeks as well as slapping the topside of the big head of his pen!s all over her buns so I could hear that skin on skin slap. He managed to rub, poke, slap and slide the tip of his pen!s over evry inch of her glorious bunz. Needless to say the head of a mans penis,(the glans), are the most sensitive part of his tool. If ruubbed right with the right amount of pressure it can give a man chills and the pleasure is practicly to much to take. If their ever was such a perDICKamint. If a woman knows how too pleasure a mans pen!s she quite litterly has gotem by his ballz,(d!ck). He'll probobly even start making porn star sounds and even look like he's in pian, when really the sensation on the head of his d!ck is just that intense. He had quite a large, and totally engorged pen!s tip, about the size of a large strawberry. I stared with my my own engorged pen!s throbbing in the wind so to speak as he pressed his big strawberry sized glans againts her bunz and juuust rubbed his big pen!s all over both cheeks. She gave me a seductive how you like now look kuz she knew how bad I wanted it. The tip of his pen!s became WELL aquainted with evry inch of her butt cheeks. Then he took his hand off his d!ck, it pointed at about 2:00 kuz it was big n long, with that huge tip on the end, put a little more lube on it, sat in his chair and was ready to get superthonged. As he sat down his c@ck n ballzz gigled n swayed a little bit kuz his tool was so big. She was starin at his package the whole time and turned n gave me another look. At this point I kud tell he was in a state of excitment most guys nevr experience in their life. Pure, horn. His breathing was fast n choppy and I kud tell his pen!s was in a "state of sexiuall shock"and it was just about 2get better while makin the transition from rubbin her buns to the inpending butt cheek massage momentarily to start. She stood above his pen!s lookin down at him and him at her,she grabbed her bunz,squeezed n slightly pulled them apart,released them accomponyed by a gloryes giggle,gave em both a good hard loud slap at the same time, lowered herself to his d!ck,placed the tip on her thong covered U know, slid foward n down as I watched his pen!s slowly sliiide up between her cheeks n onto the whailtail. her left nright buns were slightly squashin his right n left ballz,she leaned back 2 sqaush his b@llz summore. His breatging heavy n loud,I could only imagine how his big erect throbbing penis felt.Time stood still,his penis snug on her thong n between her bunz,her bunz wrapped aroundhis penis like ahotdog bun leavn just the very back exposed,and me watchn it all..my pen!s throbbn in the wind

6:02 PM  
Blogger niner said...

He ejaculated for about 13 seconds,and before his penis started to spit large turbo charged gawbs of semen,I kudtell he was in that unmistakable hightened state of pleasure were he kouldnt help tensing his body up. Its a bindblowing intense feeling about 10 seconds bofore a man ejaculates,getting more intense with each passing second. On a scale of 1 to 10 he was clearly at 10 during the entire thonging,and seemed to be at 9 when he was rubbin the tip of his d!ck on her bunz. I knew he was near climax, climax is an understatement. He tensed, she knew, she was on a steady pace up n down givin him the most intense, steady platform for him to CUM!! All the way up n all the way down at a steady pace she brought his d!ck down so close I kud see themushroom underside of his glans, she pushed her hips back n out so his tip was restin on her thong covered U know,then right back up up between her butt cheeks were his glans slid nicley on her whail tail. it was poetry in moition. he was breathing out his mouth,heartracing,d!ck throbbing,every ounce of his being was now shoved in his penis. I watched...10..9..8..7..updown!!,upDOWN!!,UPDOWN!!!UPDOWN!!!,hes reached "CLIMAX!!!!"UP!!DOWN!!!!!!!!UP!!DOWN!!!!!!!!UP!!DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(shegetsinmore"updown")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!his dick starts unleashing cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SQUIRT!!!!SQUIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hes ejaculating like a mad man,her bunz n thong as well as his penis are gettin COVERED in cum, n his big long erect penis jus kept spitin out gawbs of thik warm seman. his penis shaft was COMPLETLY covered in his own semen,her thong and sides of her bunz were no were to be found either, his ballz were still clean but seman was slowly makin its way over them as well.....a few mor pumps for good measure,she sat down n leaned back on his ballz as far n as hard as she coud.I stared wide eyed at the scene that just unfolded b4 me,my penis still throbbing and my precum dripping all the way down MY shat n on the floor. This is a thong i will never forget

8:06 PM  
Blogger niner said...

my shaft....not my shat.

8:11 PM  
Blogger niner said...

My tummy hurts I'm laughin so much..GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF BUTTMAN!!WHEW!!I'm such an ass, 4 comments,from me,look at this sh!t. Oh man..Whew..that's funny.

8:15 PM  
Blogger niner said...

Make that 5..No 6.

8:16 PM  
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