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Saturday, August 21, 2004


Kate Moss does not need lingerie in any supportive sense. She is the ultimate boyish beauty.

For this shoot in French Maxim she played the vamp: full black stockings and garters, pretty sheer bra, and strappy shoes under a short full dress...



There is nothing nicer next to a woman's skin than a sheer bit of fabric. Perhaps a couple of little straps and a bit of stretch. But mostly a sense of keeping just a little secret.

A slip is usually meant to conceal...but it can also enhance and add the shimmer of romance.

Lingerie's great gift is to let a woman enjoy her provocation and her modesty...

Basque and Bed

A basque and stockings are wonderful to wear to bed if your objective is pleasure. Becasues a basque is only slightly boned, a little adjustment and you are ready for whatever pleasures await.

Just remember to put your panties on the outside of the garter...think about it.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Before all the Seal Business

It is really easy to forget how beautiful Briget Bardot was as a young girl. Lush, tiny waisted, with huge eyes and rich, red lips.

This is a modern scan of Briget at about seventeen. Under the lace is a glorious corset which is hidden in the picture but if you look just above her ring finger you can see the telltale belly band.


Sweet Dreams

Believe it or not I have one of these. A reckless ebay moment and it just cost $20.00. Sheerest rayon. More than a little scratchy; but what price beauty?

Too many women go to bed in an old sweatshirt and wonder why the man they are with flips on the television. A bit of primping and preening, a sexy nightie...There is not a great deal of rocket science to any of this. You know and he knows.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pajama Party

When I was young I was never allowed to wear men's pajamas to bed. Nor would I have wanted to.

I had lovely cotton nighties, short for summer and long for winter and, when I was a little older, some prettier night dresses which I had to wear a robe with.

I just like the contrast between the very feminine bra and panty and the oversized stripped PJs. Very much how many young girls feel at a certain age.

Having her hands on her hips emphasizes her taut tummy and her nicely supported breasts. The demi-cup is a treat and I wonder if she knows how lovely it will look under a carelessly buttoned white shirt.

The Trouble with Garter Belts

Much as I like stockings I find garter belts, as compared to open bottomed girdles, remarkably difficult. Occassionally I will wear one if, for some reason, I cant wear a girdle. (And they are more practical for those evenings where you know all of your lingerie will be coming off in the best possible way...)

Realistically, garter belts rarely have the substance to really keep hose in place. A little lace, a bit of elastic, nothing much at all. Still, they are pretty and they do provide the eyes with a sensual frame.

Pretty Dress, Pretty Bra

There is something so sensual about a pretty girl unbuttoning her dress and letting her lovely breasts be photographed. Especially, as in this case, where it is obvious she is really not that sort of girl at all.

Beauty is about concealment and modesty, the essential tease which a woman knows instinctively will leave a man wanting to know just a little more. I love this shot simply because the girl is letting the man have a little hint, a taste.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Girdle and Stockings

This is one of my favorite shots. (And yes, those are my legs...) You can see the way an open bottomed girdle will mold a girl and provide a really secure place to attach stockings.

I'm wearing a pair of fully fashioned 15 denier French stockings and the girdle is a Warner circa 1955 which I bought on ebay for next to nothing. It is a small which is tight but very pretty. I'll post more shots from this shoot soon.

Seamed Stockings

Old fashioned? Absolutely.

But a pair of seamed full fashioned stockings draw a man's eye upward towards...well a well brought up young lady does not spend a great deal of time thinking about to what. and certainly this diary doesn't.

Seamed stockings take a bit of practice. It is really true that getting your seams straight is key. Fortunately, whether you are wearing a garter belt or an open bottomed girdle, the trick is the same: fasten the back garter tab directly to the welt abouve the seam. Simple. It works everytime and gives your legs that lovely fine line.

The young lady on the left shows how its done.

A Note on Stockings

I cannot imagine wearing pantyhose. Uncomfortable and unflattering are the nicest things I can say about them.

Pantihose is an industrial solution to an artistic problem. How can a girl keep her legs warm and show them off at the same time. I mean what is the point of wearing skirts and dresses if not to show a little leg and a well turned ankle? None, I say.

The solution is, of course, the wonderful luxury of stockings...fully fashioned ideally, but thigh-highs in a pinch. My rule is that I want a few inches of bare thigh between stocking top and the bottom of my panties. After all, how is a girl to flirt in a skirt if she can't have a little "accident" once in a while. That tantalizing glimpse of white thighs above rich, sheer black stockings....perfect.

A Spring Afternoon

This is what I like to wear now...Yes, that is a corset. I own several. This on is underbust and fastens to 20 inches....though I rarely wear it much below 22".

For most girls a corset is an instrument of torture their great grandmothers wore. For me it is a great treat to be worn under everything from an evening dress to a pair of jeans. (And you should see the looks you get when you wear a corset with jeans! Your waist is just tiny and a nice wide belt will show it off.)

The petticoat is just a bit of tulle. I was going to wear a very full skirt and this half slip would give it just a little more volume....besides it looks so pretty against the green grass.

What Mummy Required

My mother was not terribly strict. She didn't make me wear waspies or full corsets - I found out about those on my own. She was more than happy if I keep everything in place and under with a good bra and open bottomed girdles to keep my hose up.

I was not the only girl at my school with an old fashioned mum; but I must say I didn't like it. Not because a girdle was uncomfortable - no, because I knew I really did have to sit like a lady and take the short steps mother preferred.

Learning the Curves

When I was a young girl lingerie was a lot more structured than what this pretty young thing is wearing...

Then a girl was required to have a supportive and concealing bra, ideally a girdle, hose and a slip to keep it all discreet under her clothes.

And we certainly were not in the habit of having our pictures taken as we tried on our unmentionables.

Pretty Girls in Lingerie

Silk, satin, tulle...
There is nothing nicer than a pretty girl in lingerie. I should know, I'm pretty and I love bras, panties, stockings, garterbelts, girdles, slips and, for that lovely constricted feeling, corsets.
I found this antique image at Le Vie Parisienne a site which is devoted to a single French magazine. Oh to have been so well kept...