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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Pouf Petticoat

A lovely little pouf petticoat.

I have one much like it. It adds a wonderfully billowy effect to little skirts and makes it nearly impossible to keep your stocking tops hidden. Which, of course, is really the point.

Lots of flirty fun.

Easy Day Wear

It is quite possible that Christy Turlington has made Calvin Klein lingerie. But Klein is one of the few big manufacturers whose bras fit and whose panties are comfortable.

The delight of Klein lingerie is that it is inexpensive enough that you can have a half dozen bras and twice as many panties and still have a bit of money left for the grand occassion.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Beauty Triumphant

Hair, makeup, shirt and wonderfully white deep plunge bra. While most lingerie models look a bit abashed, this girl is delighted.

Part of the charm of really good lingerie is how wonderful it feels against the skin. Not for nothing are good bras made of fine cottons and caressing silks. You pay a bit more but the pleasure is all day.

I very much like the fact the girl still has her shirt on. Lingerie in its natural habitat.

The Lost Art of the Negligee

A beautiful woman greeting the Manhattan dawn in a cloud of lace. What could be lovelier?

A Secret

If you combine inexpensive lingerie, beautiful models and great photography you can create a brilliant catalog success story.

But try wearing it.

The secret with lingerie is that one size does not fit all. Cut, shape, stretch, detailing are all, I know to my regret, expensive.

I always wonder if the lingerie in pictures like this has been custom made for the model - properly fitted and all - with the rest of us buying as best we can.

But a beautiful picture no matter how illusionary.

Girls Kissing

I once asked a guy why men like images of girls together. He fessed up, "Because it could be me in the middle."

A great shot set up to look like the 1920's complete with the nicely revealed taupe hose and garter.

A girl in stockings has a whole other way of flirting. Just being a little careless with skirt arrangement sends a signal across the room or to the man on your left.

Stockings create a deliciously forbidden zone where none existed before. We could all use more of those.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lush Pink

While rail thin models are often used in lingerie ads, the truth is that this girl is much closer to how a woman actually will look in a particular outfit.

Here the white lace stockings match the pale pink bra, panty and garter belt combination perfectly. Innocent but also very beautiful. Curves are smoothed but still there.

You can imagine this girl giving her husband a treat in this outfit...

Down to Business

For a girl off to work in an office, pretty lingerie can make the day go a little faster.

This great shot of a simple pair of black stockings, black pumps and a black garter belt with a skirt just a little higher than it should be is a wonderful hint at what you may be riding next to on the elevator to the twenty sixth floor. You just can't tell.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Shower Fresh

This girl has either been brilliantly styled or actually shot as she stepped from bathroom to dressing room. Simple, elegant and demure.

I like how the lace on the panty is echoed but not replicated on the bra. Great design.

I also like how the girl is standing, eyes down, ready to dress and begin her day and not best pleased with a photographer in her dressing room.


Two German sites

Two wonderful German sites:

The first is Voluptus which posts fine art erotic photos and drawings...very beautiful and edgy. I'll be visiting a lot.

The other is a site for those of you who like to see a girl in the all together. Best of Nudes - and is that a pun? - simply has beautiful girls wearing no clothes at all....the hussies.

Both worth a visit!

Girdle Days

This is a modern girl in a wonderfully antique girdle/corset. The side lacing would really pull a girl in.

I love her shoes! So often shots like this are spoiled by clunky platform stripper shoes. These shoes, with their sky high, once around the bedroom, heels are very pretty...and, if anyone would like to buy a girl a present...

Nice metal garter tabs as well. Her pretty stockings are going to stay up.

Full Cover

And just who says that full panties can't be sexy? Not me.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Limo Girls

Another story picture. The girl in red is in day lingerie of a wonderfully tarty sort. But the other girl is in a peek-a-boo nightie.


And why are they in the back of the limo?

Assignation? Tryst? Off on a "date"?

A woman slightly undressed in a public place hints at a decadence, a dubiousness which I think is incredibly sexy.


Back when girls were willing to suffer for a cute, tiny waisted figure, a corset was an essential part of dressing.

Now, well corsets are a fetish more than anything. Poor girls occassionally will squeeze into one to be married; but usually these are really basques (which don't lace up). I say poor, because corseting is not a one off sort of thing. Simply breaking one in takes a month of steady wear...I know, in the winter I corset regularily.

Corsets are all about fit. Properly fitted you can lace down four to six inches with no pain and only minimal discomfort.

But who said beauty is easy....and you would not believe the looks you get with a twenty one inch waist.


Bridget Hall is, if you look carefully, wearing just a wisp of a thong. No, really.

What is lovely about this shot is how well the phtographer and stylists have captured the glamour and the innocent sexiness of the real pinup era and transposed it to a modern girl.

Pinups were all about hints and suggestions. Overtly sexy but also leaving more than enough to the imagination. The girls, photographed or drawn, were completely unattainable which was most of the allure.

The trend away from Penthouse and Playboy and towards Maxim and FHM are really about men drawing a line between provocation and porn.

Many of the emails I have been getting on this site have told me how hungry you are for titilation rather than exposure...Keep the emails coming and I'll do my best.

An innocence lost I'm afraid.

La Bimbo Sportif

I admit it - I have never had much time for sports bras or really sensible panties.

This girl is, however, so wonderfully lush that I couldn't resist. Imagine her jogging...no don't. Serious injury might result.

The wonders of stretch fabrics and a pretty smile go a very long way. So do the rather sexy mules.

I hope that rail was warm.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Bridal Veil

Every girl has her own idea of the perfect wedding dress. And most of us would love a long, long veil.

The strapless bra and matched panty seem a little informal to me. What about the stockings and the garter belt and the corset?

But every girl has her fancy when it comes to her wedding, including her wedding lingerie, and I must say this outfit looks rather cool and inviting.

Showing a Slip

The beauty of slips, especially with a little lycra, is they just skim over a woman's body.

Put a sheer dress over this gorgeous slip and a girl is both dressed and wonderfully undressed. Because slips don't usually have much structure of their own, the most body conscious outerwear reflect the girl beneath.

I love the way this slip enhances and displays the girl's cleavage without, for a second, being anything less than demure....Illusion, absolutely.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


This is actually a modern photograph of a model styled back to the 50's with the perm (well, big rollers)and the highlights. But a 1950's which is now iconic rather than real.

Lace, loads and loads of white lace, create a feminine, sexy and very frou-frou look. This is all about pretending to conceal the body while, in fact, drawing attention to each of a girl's most intimate curves.

Tha panties are, I think, much sexier than almost any thong simply because they really do leave more to the imagination.

Afternoon Lost

On one hand this camisole and panty is simply beautiful and practical. On the other, it is an open invitation to part the curtains and spend a quiet hour getting out of one or both.

Just enough stretch in the camisole to make a bra unnecessary for an hour or two. And emphasize the waist as well as letting a girl's pretty nipples peak out.

This is not "occassion" lingerie; but any man would be delighted to find a girl has planned her afternoon this well.

Classic Baby Doll

This is so sweet. But sexy too!

Back in the 1950's, when this shot was taken, a delightful girl would wear one of these sheer tops which grazed their hips and a pair of naughty panties. What man could resist.

I still think it is a lovely look...concealed and revealed at the same time.

Better still, a girl could wear a baby doll quite innocently, pretending that she had no idea how sheer it was.

At least that's what I do.

Boycut Panties?

Not really boycut, closer to tap pants; but so pretty. Under a skirt or dress these panties ensure a simple, slim, invisible line.

I like the fact they are loose at the legs. More a very tiny slip than panties. With a pretty garter belt these would be lovely.

The matched bra echos the tiny lace inserts...Lovely.

Say it Girl!

"You know, what's embarrassing to women about porn isn't just the sex," says Ms. Holland, a tall, professionally dressed woman with long red hair who worked in documentary film before turning to editing, then directing, adult films to make money.

"What makes people blush is also the bad community theater acting, the tripping-over-the-stairs amateur thing that goes on. These actors aren't Strasberg-trained - they're sex performers. Rather than try to get them to do something they don't do with these elaborate scenes, we thought we'd just add a little more context instead."
new york times

At the Piano

This reminds me a bit of me except, a) I am at my computer trying to sort out what happened to this blog's template today, b) my figure is rather less ample...well, actually, a lot less ample.

She is a pretty girl though. Her wide lacy garter belt is sweet and, I think, likely to keep her stocking in place.

The sheer bra, strained just a tiny bit, is simple and beautiful.

I enjoy shots where women are doing something but have strangely forgotten one or two layers of clothing. Sitting down to the piano is perfect.