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Saturday, September 11, 2004


What a beautiful panty. As you probably have figured out by now I love tap panties and these ones with the applique on the sheer net are amazing.

The bra is gorgeous too with the deep plunge and none too subtle underwiring.

A woman wearing this outfit would know she could undress and make it count.

White Cotton

Doesn't this look cool.

Very simple, elegant and comfortable. Vacation wear. Something to have on under a sundress.

I like the gathers in the bra. This was the way lingerie used to be made. It meant fit was not as crucial but that subtle (and not so subtle) uplift had to be accomplished with a corset. Which is another kind of fun entirely.

The tap panty is delicious with the little hint of a slit on the side and the kiss of lace on the waist band.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tiny Strap....

Here is a girl applying her makeup wearing only a pretty flesh coloured body...I think.

The tiny spagetti strap is really all you can see of the body or the slip. But this is a wonderfully day to day shot of what girls do as they are dressing.

The slightly sceptical look, the lipstick checking pout for the mirror...I know that pout.

Winsome in White

Here is a nearly perfect example of how well basic white lingerie can work.

The stocking tops' layer of lace is picked up by the garter belt - which, I might add, is wide enough that it will stay in place on even the thinest hips - and then sent over the top on the pretty bra.

Lace can be used to soften the necessary structure of a bra and here it also enhances the girl's breasts while still concealing just enough.

An easy look to get right and perfect for under dresses and more formal business suits - just switch the hose to black or nude.

Sexy and Demure Bra and Panty

Here the girl's bra is perfect for the semi-sheer white shirt she is wearing. There is nothing sexier than a crisp white man-cut shirt and a pair of really tight jeans.

Of course slightly oversize shirts fall open so a modest girl, knowing there is a good chance her bra will be seen, makes sure she has great support and everything discretely veiled.

While lots of young girls love to show off their thong tops, a more finished look keeps the panty inside the jeans. These ones would be great.

For the Relaxed Bride

From W. here is a very simple, very chic set of lingerie for, we're told, a bride.

Not the traditional wedding day choice and not one I would wear that particular day. But what a lovely set for under a sheer dress or skirt and blouse.

The bit of satin ribbon is a treat and fun for more out of the way pleasures.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dress or Lingerie - You Decide

The twinned spagetti straps suggest dress, but the bodice? Hmmm.

This is a lovely girl, Ines Satre, shot from a particularily flattering angle. Dress or lingerie, this is designed for display. But at whose call?

I love the provocation and pleasure of revealing dresses. I enjoy being seen. I also enjoy being shown off.

Whose call?

Bridal Corset

Yes, a really well fitted corset can give a girl a figure like that.

It is not so much that the breasts are supported, though they are, rather it is a matter of what is known as hip spring. That is the difference between your hip measurement and your waist.

This girl should have laced a lot tighter for maximum effect. An extra inch of hipspring can entirely transform a bride's dress or just a pair of jeans.

Delicious stockings

These are fully fashioned, likely antique stockings.

If you look carefully you'll see the double sole and the seam ending in the little keyhole in the welt.

Interesting lingerie is all about detail. Little things like the fact a girl wearing these stockings with pretty shoes would be advertising the fact these really were stockings.

For men of a certain generation or who are affectionados that is the best catnip there is. Without slipping her skirt up or causing a scene, this girl would create a flutter in any public space she walked into.

I know, I have.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bridal Stockings

I get so bored with conventional bridal pictures...lingerie or otherwise.

Here is a wonderful shot of a girl getting dressed for her wedding. Just the simple act of rolling up her stockings and thinking (?) about what lies ahead.

It's funny how women revert to old fashioned lingerie on their wedding day...We know the corsets and crinolines and lovely hose are our birthright.

It's just that in our busy lives, without maids, with minivans and jobs and no time at all, we forget.


I remember when I was in my teens finding my father's not terribly discretly hidden collection of erotica. The best of the lot, and I read almost all of it, were books published by the Olympic Press. Well imagine my delight when I found you could download them for only a dollar each! Go here and tell them I sent you.

Here is a little sample:
"Kate (thanks to a modicum of opium which had been mixed in with a drink she had been given) slept. Awakening and rubbing her eyes-astounded to find herself in a luxurious boudoir-she saw a girl of her own age sitting smiling near the foot of the bed.

"I am Ethel", said the nymph around whose nubile form floated a pink peignoir and nothing else—oddly enough to Kate's gaze—save for a pair of white stockings with pink garters. She extended her hand in royal fashion, and so much so (finding herself, as she deemed, among 'nobs') that Kate took the wavering fingertips and kissed them, as she thought was proper to do. -"Oh, that's nice! May I come in with you?" asked Ethel.

Before a surprised and naked Kate could stir, the girl had cast off her peignoir which floated lazily to the floor, clambered up and slipped between the sheets so that her belly came warmly against Kate's hip."
Delicious...You can read more here.

Monday, September 06, 2004


I like this bra simply because it lets a girl unbutton her blouse an button further while keeping everything where it should be. The black lace ribbon detail is perfect.

Here the girl has a wonderfully sceptical, somewhat come hither expression and great, stylishly unkempt hair.

Beautiful but still somewhat real. Rare in a lingerie shot.


What a pretty girl! Simple, clean lines and a strapless bra which can be worn under anything.

The lace is dainty and, just as importantly, opaque which, for a young girl, presents far fewer problems.



Whenever I wear a sweater I try to have a pretty demi-cup bra and a camisole underneath.

The bra is obvious...A sweater, even a bulky sweater, loves curves and there is no better way of creating them than with a hint of underwire and a half cup. This lets the tops of your breasts shimmer under the sweater.

The camisole is for warmth and a lovely silky sense of being put together. The wool or cashmere glides on the silk and throws your body into a liquid relief.


All Lace

This is a picture which is right out of a sort of cheesy 1970's action flick. The lace pants with the clever fly, the no structure lace bra and the draped, matched lace top all scream some sort of woman of doubtful means.

It is, of course a fashion shot and the styling of Helena Christianson into a 70's bad girl is magic. There is, of course, no way for her to look anything other than sensational and she lends the outfit most of what it would lack on its own.

No doubt at least a few men have been greated by the outfit - but I suspect never worn like this.

Pink Lace

Just a very simple bra made beautifully feminine with colour and lace.

Pink against a certain skin colour, and this girl's honey kissed skin is it, looks beguilingly innocent. The semi sheer lace and the pretty pink bow between her breasts adds a sense of allure.

The girl's full lipped, head on, eyes to the camera pose suggests she knows exactly what the bra's effect will be and is rather looking forward to it.

Black Magic

Black stockings, whip thin garter, structured teddy...what a perfect outfit for a long evening of candle light, roses and treats.

I prefer my stocking tops without the lace; but these would be wonderful in bed as the wide lace band probably conceals stayup elastic which will keep a girl's stockings on even as her garters are somehow lost.

The teddy, or body as our European friends would put it, is wonderfully low cut and, while it would not provide much shaping or support, would be wonderful under a loose robe in front of a toasty fire.