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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Skirt up over her hips

Posed photographs of girls in lingerie are often silly but playful. This girl, whose stockings would be held up by four garter tabs each, has somehow ended up upside down on a chaise...

I love the fully fashioned hose and the shoes are not altogether bad.

I also love the full cut satin panties on over the garters.

This girl knows what she's doing.

Powerless Slip

A deliciously enigmatic shot.

We are invited to ask why this girl is standing in the doorway in her slip. Behind her are two men playing cards. For a night with her? For her?

Or has she been playing as well...and losing?

A gorgeous picture and a very pretty slip...

Once again the allure is the subtle revelation of a beautifully lush woman. In a sense the slip makes her better than naked. Naked is obvious, this girl is not.

Power Slip

If you were ever wondering why a girl might wear a slip this should answer your question. Essentially this pretty black sheath is very nearly pure Lycra and keeps a girl very firm indeed.

You don't need a bra with a slip like this. The whole slip is constructed to cradle the cups from below.

I have one very much like this and it is amazingly comfortable. You feel a bit compressed when you first roll it on - which is the best way of getting into it; but very quickly it conforms to your body and your body to it.

Sleek, sexy and comfortable...Perfect

Friday, September 17, 2004

Pink Innocence?

From the look on this girls face innocence has nothing to do with it.

Actually it is a wonderfully tarty look to have the most little girl lingerie on a girl who looks ready for anything. You can dress her up in all the buttons and bows you want, but push is going to come to shove and those won't mean a thing.

Lingerie, no matter what, is about sending signals...It's up to the beholder to figure out what those signals are.

Old Fashioned Slip

There is something so mumsy about this slip. All that lace but no gathers - this was meant to conceal a girls body not enhance it.

Which is not to say it does not look great here with this amateur model. Just because a garment is meant to conceal does not mean it has to.

Which this girl obviously knows.

With a Bullet

I just saw that Lingerie Dreams is now holding position 251 at Truth Laid Bare which tracks blogs...

Still a bit behind Wonkette and Instapundit; but not bad for a gal who was blogging in her rather sheer nightie long before pyjamas became all the rage for bloggers....

And, no, this isn't me but a cute outfit for bedtime frolics...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Strained Lace

I am sure there is a little tag on the back of this bra suggesting that the full rear lean may result in accidental nipple exposure. But what a pretty piece of lingerie!

The single, thin, strap would not be terribly comfortable if it was being used for support; but almost all the support comes from the cunningly wide and high cut lace which forms the band on which the lovely cups rest. There is enough wire in this bra to set off metal detectors.

What is brilliant is how wonderfully this bra would work with a white shirt or pretty summer dress. The shoulder strap could fall regularily and the bra would still fit fine...

But don't try the back bend unless you are a real exhibitionist....and who isn't?


This tight little number, as an old boyfirend would have put it, is from the bad boys at Dolce Gabana. Yes, a modern corset. I've never seen a back view but I have to bet lacing as there is no Lycra alive that will create that much hip spring.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the model has a tiny waist to begin with....

These days a lot of women would not feel politically very comfortable accentuating their curves like this. But for those of us who do, what a treat.

Walking down a street or into a meeting with your hours at exercise class and a really tight dress is as much about pure physical power as anything else. You get looks but you also get respect for having the confidence to pull it off.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

La Perla

La Perla makes lingerie for the high end. I am not sure what I would do with a fucishia nightdress...but I am sure I would never buy it for $600.00.

But if someone bought it for me? You bet. I'd wear it and love it.

Lingerie gifts are difficult for men. Sizing is strange. Buying really exotic bras or garter belts for a girl who wears Hanes and pantihose is more about a his gift than hers.

But a chemise like this in even approximately the right size?


Tuesday, September 14, 2004


A lovely article by the author of Courtesans.
Like the author I have always been fascinated with the higher end of prostitution...
Like most women I know (although we do not often admit it), since that day I have always been fascinated by prostitutes. What are these women really like, we wonder? Why do they do what they do? And, most crucially, are there any circumstances at all under which we might do it too?

My book Courtesans came out of this lifelong fascination. I soon realised, however, that a courtesan (the word comes from the Italian cortegiana, meaning "woman of the court") was not a mere prostitute. Although she was unequivocally a "professional" woman, accepting money in return for sexual favours, she was very far indeed from being like the suspendered Parisian streetwalker I saw in the doorway that night.

40's restraint...

What a deliciously naughty 1940's lingerie ensemble. The leopardskin inserts on the bra and open bottomed girdle are wonderful. But a girl would have had to wear a well constructed slip to preven show through.

The bra is interesting. The idea of sheer is not a recent invention. Is that a hint of a nipple I see?

Girls like to let a little skin show and there is nothing like a sheer topped bra to give a gentle hint.

Cute stockings too!

Monday, September 13, 2004


I can't help but be amused with the male pre-occupation with really large breasts. Myself I am inclined towards the more than a mouthful is wasted, champagne glass, ideal but who am I to argue.

If you can get past the sheer size of this poor girl's breasts, this is a really cute little sheer outfit. The hearts on the bra and panty are adorable and I think the double string on the panty is wonderful.

I also think the setting, the casually slipped off deniem shirt and the girl's perfect manicure adds to the fun.

Firm Foundations I

Bra, panties, girdle, hose, high heels: as I was growing up this was the lingerie my mother required me to wear.

I didn't think it was terribly sexy; rather just what any well dressed woman put on before she put on her dress. (On more formal occassions I was corsetted but that really is for another few posts.)

This girl shows how flexible an open bottom girdle can be. It is a bit restrictive but the trade of the pretty line for the slight discomfort is well worth it.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Just threw this on

A lingerie look can be achieved with nothing more than a couple of pieces of old lace.

This is a lovely image of a girl who doesn't need any support. Pure, smoldering, lust in front of a fireplace.

The wisp of lace on the bottom is a slip and the red panty underneath is a great contrast. The top, I can hardly call it a bra, is all about display.

The ribbon trim at the neck and the pretty, delicate, shoes are all she needs to finish . A perfect present for the lucky man who owns the fireplace.

Too Bad about the shoes

Why is it that wonderful fetish photographers insist on sticking cumbersome stripper shoes on such beautiful girls.

Shoes are not, directly, related to lingerie. But a really pretty pair of stockings can look so wonderful with a sleek pair of high heeled pumps or saucy mules.

Other than the shoes this black bra, panty and stayup outfit combined with the girl's perfectly grown out platinum dye job have a certain sort of sexy bad girl allure. The sheer cups of the bra suggest a woman at ease with her body.

But that chain looks awfully cold.