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Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm ready now

black bra, black panties, lingerieWell there is the little matter of the hose and, well, a dress. But this is the girl from a couple of posts below and her make up is done.

I like her black bra even better from in front. Front closure bras avoid that awkward moment when a girl has to reach behind her back to unhook or, worse, wait for the often clumsy fingers of her date to get a simple job done. With a front closing bra all that is eliminated.

I am not so thrilled with the panty from in front. The sides seem to lack a certain grace. A little too athletic for my taste.

But what a pretty girl!

White Mischief

white bra, white panties, lingerieA playmate of some sort shot in the simplist, easiest, lingerie. White bra, white lace panties.

The luxe white robe is a perfect way to complement the lingerie. Off for her bath?

If she is she'd better take off the heels.

As any girl will tell you a pair of pretty, high heeled, shoes really finishes off an outfit like this. They lengthen the leg, push your hips forward and keep your steps small and very ladylike.

Though, from the look on this girl's face, ladylike is not her ideal.

Friday, September 24, 2004


black bra, black panties, lingerieA story picture. Fashion shoots always need at least the bones of a story.

Here two girls are fighting, making out, surprising each other? in a cloakroom.

Somehow - cue the stylist - the blonde's lacey cotton top has fallen to her waist showing off a pretty seamless bra. Which would make sense if the brunette wasn't looking so annoyed.

Would that be the blonde sliding her hand in the brunette's shirt? Guess so.

Welcome Fleshbotters!

black bra, black panties, lingerieWelcome to Lingerie Dreams. Here we have Virgina Collins on a hot summer afternoon pressed against her back fence in nothing but a thong and bra.

Thongs, once a girl gets used to them, make lots of sense for light weight lingerie. Under a tightly fitted silk skirt or linen pants a thong is essential. But I must admit I prefer a bit more cover.

Now, for the cheeky man who asked what photos I'd send if he bought the shower gel....shower pictures of course...my fond prayer is it lathers just enough...

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Now What?

black bra, black panties, lingerieWhat a pretty girl Mila Jovovich is. Wonderful eyes.

She is also one of those women who are both womanly and boyish at the same time. Here she is in pretty black lingerie but she has better abs than most of the men I know.

Having the one garter tab undone makes all the difference.

Ready to go...

Getting Ready

black bra, black panties, lingerieReady for what? As a girl puts on her makeup in black bra and panties she wonders.

Her shoulder strap is off and her breat more esposed than it will be until...Well until she comes back to her appartment.


The adventure is in not quite knowing if the next time your lingerie is seen it will be seen by someone else.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another interest

The miracle of the internet has let me accumulate more than just lingerie pictures.

I have always enjoyed seeing young ladies chastised...but not in photographs. Too graphic, nothing subtle, nothing left to the imagination.

Instead I have collected art which depicts girls over the knee and other delicious means of correction. Take a look at my Chastened Art blog.

It is certainly not for everyone but there is lots of room for lingerie.

Just starting but enjoy!

Perfect Miss II

stockings, kate moss, lingerieHere is Kate Moss looking a bit like Audrey Hepburn. The shot is in a hotel room, as many lingerie shots are, and it is nothing more than a girl fastening her stocking.

The allure, of course, is we are being allowed into a private moment, a moment most women will not have photographed.

The simple act of clipping a garter tab to a stocking top is innocent, matter of fact and, for some reason sexy.

Likely the glimpse of the forbidden white inner thigh above the stocking is what does it. Not to mention the knowing look on Kate's face.

Sensible and Pretty

In a more civilized world women would be able to wear this sort of pretty set everyday under nicely made dresses. Lovely pink lace, a garter belt which will easily hold the hose up and which flatters the girl's hips.

I particularily like the demi-cup underpinnings of the bra which allows the froth of pink lace to be used to simply make the bra prettier. Great design.

Personally I am not partial to white stockings, looks much to much like a nurse for my taste. Dove grey or really sheer nude hose would be great with this outfit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


There are some women who simply ooze sexuality, they reek of it, live it. For them lingerie is all about teasing and temptation.

This girl, or, rather, woman, is wearing lingerie which screams a risque 50's.

The waspie garter belt may very well be antique though the picture is contemporary. The white stockingswith their lacy tops suggest an innocence this girl has long since left behind.

Sheer panties seem a bit much to me;but men seem to like them. Her lacy, front closing bra looks as if it will pop open all on its own and her "robe" already has.

Not at all the sort of woman a girl wants her husband to know. (But known is entirely different, experience is a good thing.)

Perfect Miss

The very nicest lingerie is custom made and, if you have more money than you have any idea what to do with, having your bras and panties custom fitted and trimmed to your desires is a great way of spending it.

This girl, on a rather choice bit of Italian design furniture, is wearing the closest thing to custom lingerie you can get without actually knowing a French semptress. Very basic black with the tiniest lace ribbon detail. Sensible, easy to hand launder, but very, very feminine.

You can just picture her on her Junior Year Abroad.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Wish List

Amazon offers a girl the chance to shop without money. The Amazon wish list to your right is a place where I post items I'd like to own. Mainly girly things.

The one promise I will make is that if you buy any lingerie item listed I will model it here at Lingerie Dreams andsend you a dozen rather more revealing shots...

Who could resist?

Black Bra

What a great shot! Super simple, just a beautiful girl and a black bra.

What makes this such a great picture is that the girl is gently lifting the cup of the bra over her breast. Which we do everyday; but here it has been charged with the eroticism of the fact we are watching and she knows we are watching.

Does she mind?

Perhaps. But if she does her face reflects a defiance, a sense of self.

The best pictures of girls in lingerie avoid the thousand mile eyes and capture the girl in the headlights.

White Panties

These are wonderful!

Essentially these panties are a thong with lace inserts but that is such a weak description of a really brilliant design.

The essential tension in lingerie is between modesty and provocation. And, of course, modesty in good lingerie is provocation.

It doesn't hurt that the girl has a wonderful, slight but curvy body...


For any number of reasons girls like body suits. This one, with its velvet, black lace and satin ribbon is just a bit over the top; but very sexy.

The thong panty ensures a sleek line under a tight skirt or tailored pants. The little back ribbon detail is a glorious distraction.

I use my bodys as corset liners so this much structure is unusual for me. But it is a very elegant solution to lingerie.

Blue lace

While I am not partial to blondes they do have the most wonderful skin. This girl, who seems to be debating whether or not to show us her nipples, has that honey tan that only blondes can get.

It is exquisitely set off by her matched white blue lace bra and panty. I love the bow detail at the front...It hints that just one tug and she's yours.

The girl's purple eye shadow is a bit tragic, as is her belly button ring. But eye shadow washes off and ill-considered piercings grow over.

A lovely, lush, girl.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cute and Sexy

Just a Gingham print bra and panty in, I suspect, cotton. The bra is lovely and loosely fitted. Cupping rather than containing this girl's delightfully small breasts.

The man's stripped pyjama top suggests she is getting out of someone else's bed. Or likes to use her boyfriend's PJ's as a robe. (Which, I must admit, is delicious.)

There are not many girls with the essentially boyish figure to wear this light, loosely structured lingerie; but this girl can.

Not a look my mother would have approved of. She'd have wanted a much fuller bra and, at least, a girdle. But, then again, I'm not this boyish.

At the Course

For a certain sort of girl, I call them bimbos sportif, whacking a little white ball holds a weird sort of fascination. Who knew?

Here is, in the venacular of the sporting press of days gone by, a pretty miss changing into her golf attire. Marking her score card and revealing why there are ways and ways for young ladies to sit in a short skirt.

Her bra is exquisite. None of this sports bra nonsense. Golden lace to match the sweater.

I wonder what she had riding on the match?