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Saturday, October 02, 2004


nightie, chemise, lingerieNot quite the outfit for curling up with a good book in...This is one of those special treat nighties where you are the treat.

A good deal of the mystique of lingerie is the way that a woman consciously choses to package herself for maximum effect. No man seeing a girl arrive in bed wearing this will be uncertain what she is after.

Now this is at the low end of the market; but the idea is the same in a thousand dollar designer nightgown.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Boudoir Photography

bra, boudoir photography, lingerieGreat lighting, a bit of gauze, a talented sylist and a clever photographer can turn suburban mums into sex goddesses.

A good boudoir photographer knows how sexy one piece of really pretty lingerie looks and how wonderful it will make his subject feel. Just a simple white, plunge bra shot from above. Nothing is shown, everything offered...

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


bra, tap panties, lingerieCreamy. A loose brushed cotton tap panty with a touch of lace at the legs and a little slit at the hip for comfort. Then. matched with a double strapped three quarter cup bra.

The bra is nicely structured to push a girl's breasts up a little - more supportive than provocative.

A great example of how sexy innocence really is.

Pretty for Everyday

bra, lace panties, lingerieThere is no reason at all that a girl cannot have pretty underthings for everyday. This blueish bra and panty would be great under jeans and a shirt.

The little bit of lace on the hip of the panty is a sweet touch. So are the roses on the sheer upper half of the bra cup.


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Maid in Japan

maid, stockings, petticoats, lingerieSexBlo.gs reports a new twist on an old story about maids. In Akihabara, Tokyo, "maids cafes" where waitresses are dressed as 19th-century European maids are increasingly popular. Why?
Ramune, a waitress, says, "When maids turn quickly, the hems of their skirts spread fluffily. I heard they find this impressive."
I have never seen the word "fluffily" in print. I rather like it.

The girl posing as a maid in this picture is hardly 19th century; but I am working on it.

Reader Mail and Questions

tulle, petticoat, white panties, lingerie
"OMG, I just stumbled across your blog... it is sooooo great! I didn't know there were other people like me out there.....Anyway, I digress. I'm just giddy about your blog.

Where are you on the ongoing debate about wearing panties/undies/thong/g-string over or under the garter straps. I say under! The additional fumbling and unclipping and reclipping and and and... just extends the deliciously erotic moment.
"A Reader"
Dear Reader,
Here is a pretty miss wearing a lovely pouf petticoat. I'll see what I can find with fully fashioned stockings and ballgowns - sounds delicious.

As to over under, frequent readers know I insist on under. No question at all - a garter strap must go under the panty unless there is an open bottom girdle in which case there is no need at all for the panty.

You are right about fumbling and so on; but there is a more important reason. A well brought up young lady, once she is afianced and certainly once she is married, needs to ensure she is properly available to her fiance or husband in any circumstance. Appropirately available for her fiance, completely available for her husband.

Fumbling is not just awkward, it is something of a denial of a gentleman's proper perogatives once he has assumed responsibility for a young lady or woman.

I was raised to understand such a denial was improper, rude and - if a girl was lucky, an occasion for a good spanking.

On a Winter's Night

white bra, white panties, lingerieA lot of men, and not a few women, dream of a glass of wine in front of a roaring fire. The red and black plaid blanket is an optional extra. I've made do with a great deal less comfort for the right company before the fire.

The girl here is nicely supported by her red, full cup, bra. Very womanly she is too.

I must admit that I would have a sheer robe over my bra and panties for fire watching if I had not already changed into my negligee or nightie...

Stockings on the Kitchen Counter

white bra, white panties, lingerieKitchens are charged with erotic potential. Or at least I thing so.

Here is a beautiful girl wearing a pretty pearl choker, black stockings and a garter belt giving someone a come hither look from a granite countertop.

A bit cold for the first few minutes, but granite soon warms up with a little body heat...

Monday, September 27, 2004

Lace, pinstripes and Flowers

white bra, white panties, lingerieAnother simple, innocent matched set of lingerie rather cunningly photographed. The white lace trim at the top of the cups of the bra is brilliant. It leads the eye exactly where a girl would want it to go.

You can see how the underwiring gathers her breasts and pushes them a little up and in with the cleverly designed cups.

Nothing over the top -- just enough that a girl will know a quick glance down her top will be rewarded.

50's Bra

white bra, white panties, lingerieThis is the sort of girl our grandmothers warned our fathers about. The entire idea of lingerie in the 1950's was to conceal, contain and tame a girl's naughtier bits.

Or, at least it was for good girls. Bad girls, with their thumbs in the pockets of their jeans, were more likely to want to transgress the good girl code and provoke.

And how better to provoke than in a shamelyessly sexy, strapless, demi-cup, bra. You can imagine what this would have looked like under an angora sweater.