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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Sheer Magic

sheer black teddy
Here is another "wispy" thing which, I think, is probably sold as a slip. The tank top detailing at the straps is cute.

Most of all it is one of those sheer nothings which are really gift wrapping for a girl's body. Just another veil - which will be slipped off when the time is right.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Teddy Bare

sheer black teddy
I fear this girl forgot to do up a couple of buttons...or maybe all of them.

Wearing a sheer teddy - or is it a slip - lets a dress flow around your body. It is not there for support, just for decoration and the shimmery feeling of a little silk.

Beautiful shoes too. Possibly the biggest difference - other than the obvious - between fashion and porn are the shoes the models wear. Fashion = pretty shoes, porn=silly shoes. Makes all the difference.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Girl on a Chair

black stockings, lingerieThere is nothing like a pure art photo to say nice things about a girl.

This is just gorgeous. Just a garter strap, black stockings and white flesh.

We don't know why the girl is on the chair, nearly naked. We are left to speculate.

Erotica which makes you think.

A lot.

Stocking Adjustment

black stockings, lingeriePrime in a tweed suit. Just out of the pretty little car with the great big engine....But a girl, no matter how well kept has to attend to the little bothers in a champagne life.

Any woman who wears stockings knows how annoying having a garter tab come loose can be. Nothing for it but a trip to the powder room or...well who's to know?

Just a lovely shot.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


white panties, boxersWell not quite boxers...but the idea is the same. These are white panties as shorts and, with the right girl, sexy and cute.

This is a nicely curvy woman. Nothing at all rail thin about her. But her legs go on forever.

I like the subtle pattern in the panty and the fly front.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

High End Jeans

black bra, black boycut panties
Hey, isn't that Christie Turlington? Indeed it is. Calvin Klein knows what sells lingerie. She does.

If you look at Turlington you see exactly the opposite of the fake breasts, make-up with a trowel look which makes so much porn so dull.

And what pretty lingerie slips between Christie and her Calvins. The black sheer lace of the boycut panty contrasts beautifully with the sleek as black silk of the bra cups.

The after midnight racoon eye shadow finishes the American icon gone bad appeal,

Monday, October 04, 2004

A Plunge

structured settlements, viatical settlementsHere is a really useful and pretty bra.

Halters, sleeveless dresses? Not a problem.

What I like is how the bra is built as a demi cup but has the little bit of peek-a-boo lace at the top of the cups. Both decorative and functional.


Log Cabin Lingerie

structured settlements, viatical settlementsI hope there is a good wood stove in this cabin.

No frills. Just black bra and thong with pretty stayups. Makes sense on an elegant trip to the lodge.

I must admit I have never liked stayups. Either there is an elastic which cuts into your thighs or some weird sort of jelly glue which sticks to them.

Neither are very appealing - even in the woods. Give me an old fashioned garter belt any day.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Simple, Easy, Innocent

white cotton chemise, lingerieThere is something very "sixteen" about this simple little chemise.

I think it is the lace at the hem. but it could be the easy band beneath the bust and the little straps holding up the semi-sheer lace top.

Whatever it is the innocence is much more apparent than real. Ambiguity is innocent but also potentially transgressive...as only a sixteen year old can be.

The Girl Who Mistook Her Lingerie for a Bathing Suit

white bra, thong panty, lingerieA silly error and one which, when the girl realizes it will make her blush.

As if.

I fear that the objective in this picture is to show off the girl rather than the lingerie. But what a pretty bra! It almost looks as if it is front closing with buttons in a style which disappeared about 1939.

And the panty is really rather beautiful with the little blue ribbon embraced by the wings of a thong.