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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Here is a second shot of the Klein. You can see why I like the line of the boycut, shortie panty. This is very feminine, very practical, very beautiful lingerie...A bit pink...But beautiful. Posted by Hello

What a lovely set of Calvin Klein arrived in the mail the other day. A kind gentleman took advantage of my offer to model any lingerie sent via figleaves. Both here on the blog and with a dozen more intimate pictures which will be winging their way to his email... This is a pleasing set with boy cut panties and a lightly underwired, double strapped bra. It is just a teensy bit pink....but pretty and comfortable. Remember, Christmas is coming...you can give me, yourself and this blogs readers a great present... Posted by Hello

Friday, November 12, 2004

Site Changes

Blogger ate my three column design last night...It was time for a change anyway as every thing was getting a bit cluttered. Do tell me what you think of this - quick - new design...Jennifer

And, good news, the first kind gentleman has sent me a bit of very pretty pink lingerie. Look forward to shots in the next couple of days...

There is something rather captivating about this shot. As lingerie goes it is pretty minimal: tap pants, black stockings and a bit of sheer black lace for a bra. But her natural exhuberance and great heels make this a special shot....Enjoy! Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ana Beatriz Barros is simply a beautiful woman. Whatever lingerie she is wearing, and in this case it's Jennifer Lopez's line, really does not matter. JLo's lingerie designers do, apparently, know what they are about with this deep plunge, bra. The lace scalloping around the cups is perfect - feminine but demure. If a girl's sweater were to fall this far open she'd be delighted. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

This is simply a beautiful outfit. The wide straps on the fully supportive, enhancing bra are for comfort; but they are also surprisingly delicate. The panty is feminine and very demure. The real star is the gorgeous garter belt. The golden ribbon across the high top and on the hem allows the straps to be perfectly secure and the garter belt to lightly nip in the lovely model's waist. It rides right on her hip. Back in the 50's it would likely have had a lace up back for more control - now exercise and lycra do the trick... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I have been working on my soon to launch lingerie supersite - 5000+ pictures, my own shots, video - and I ran across this wonderful shot. One great reason to wear stockings rather than pantihose - other than the sheer ugliness of pantihose - is that a run is not the end of the pair. For everyday I have a couple of dozen pairs of black and a couple of dozen nude. If a stocking runs...C'est le vie...Nice black slip peaking out as well. Posted by Hello
Backstage at a 1950's fashion show. Who says the sheer bra was invented last year? But look at the slip in the background. Can you imagine a slip being worn with today's see through fashions. And how nice to see champagne. Loosens the girls up. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004

I love this picture. Black bra, panties, sensibly wide garter belt and hose. A pretty girl. But the art of the thing comes from the mirror in an upscale hotel room. Her sidelong glance before she goes out? Turns to service her "date". Enjoys the effect her pretty lingerie will have on her husband when he joins her for a weekend away from the kids. A modern take on the eternal woman... Posted by Hello

Isn't this pretty? And warm. A brushed cotton slip over that lovely lightly push-up bra. Are those cotton stockings? I hope so. Very hard to find now; but a treat to wear. The little bit of pretty lace at the top of the bra really pulls the eye. Posted by Hello

What a wonderful shot. Porn girl and the rest are rather doubbtful. But the seams are just right and she has cute shoes. Enjoy! Posted by Hello