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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Debutante Beauty

laced up waspie garter belt
Innocent? Just as the corset went officially underground in the late 1950's, the waspie garter belt, with full lacing, emerged as perfect lingerie for the country club girl. This lovely shot is of a long line waspie which would have allowed a completely strapless dress. The crinoline would, of course, be worn over the garter if this was real life rather than an ad....exquisite! Posted by Hello

Friday, November 26, 2004

Probably because I am working on Corset Dreams I keep running into sensational corset shots. Here is a beautiful Italian actress - whose name I don't have - in a great corset. No front closure...or cups for that matter. But great garter tabs and a comfortable over hip design... Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

For stockings lovers here is that lovely no-man's land between stocking top and panty. Pretty stockings with the little bit of fishnet finishing in lace for a more secure hold. And lovely metal garter clips.... Posted by Hello

What a great shot. But is it circa 1962 or was it shot recently. The girl has taken off one stocking and is getting to work on the other. You can take lingerie off fast; but it is so much more fun to do it slowly... Posted by Hello

Just a reminder: Corset Dreams is up and running for your pleasure...This girl is testing the question of whether lingerie can ever be made of leather...she is also demonstrating the meaning of the words "straight laced". VEry sexy I say. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Christmas is Coming...Look, a Sale!

There is nothing nicer than lingerie for Christmas.

A couple of tips...think camisoles, chemises and nightwear rather than bras and corsets. You can be a little wrong on the size of a chemise and it still is wonderful.

Be subtle: remember you are giving her the gift...cute little cutouts and barely there wear are for when she is giving you the present.

And, of course whether you are buying for your wife, your mistress (or, hee, hee, both) why not save 20% and click on the ad for Figleaves.

I, of course will be delighted to model and send you exlcusive photos of any Christmas goodies you might want to send. Email me at stockingsdiva@gmail.com...

Here is the lovely Elizabeth Shue juggling in a perfectly transparent slip. She has a great bra on which you can't really see in this picture....but you can sure see the results... Posted by Hello

A froth of petticoats, lovely long black hose....yes, the fifties were a great time to be a girl. Lots of delectable lingerie, lots of teasing, stocking flirting and nice clear rules... Posted by Hello

This is a fushia bra with a tough mission...the double spagetti straps are at the edge of their design tolerance. This girl is featured in the latest edition of Women of KU calendar. though why she had to wear fushia is beyond me... Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

One of the things I like about stockingirl.com is that their models are pretty without being completely glossy. This is a perfect little outfit with the shortie girdle cum garter belt - with six straps no less - setting off the innocent white bra. Uncluttered and metal stocking clips to boot...they are selling the garter belt which would explain why the panties are on the inside rather than where they should be... Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I was sorting photos for my corset site and came across this beautiful girl in a corset inspired camisole...the lacing on the side let's her ensure her breasts are supported and her waist tightened just a little...glorious on a young, fit, girl... Posted by Hello

Stays Tightened, Waist Reduced

Corset Dreams - a blog about my very favorite item of lingerie is now up. Not much posted yet....but that will change.

I'll be posting a few of my own shots there...
Gothic, dark, corseted...In a certain mood I love the darkness. Perhaps not to this extreme, but the corset is lovely. I am in the midst of building another corset driven blog (which is now up at Corset Dreams) so my mind is turned towards tight lacing and all that implies. Which is a lot. Is a woman in bondage when she is wearing a corset or is it a way of taking control of her body in the most fundamental sense. I love the feeling of constriction, other women don't..of course they probably go to the gym more often than I do... Posted by Hello

Lingerie, Marriage and Girly stuff

I got a wonderful letter from Angela at Sweltering Celt. I went to check out her blog and found,
Then I realized that if I expected to wear nice lingerie, I would have to dress nicely, take care of myself a little better, indulge in a shower longer than five minutes sometimes, and really take an interest in how I look.

In the blink of an eye, I was off and running with it. Now I take the time to get dressed in the mornings (most days at least... this morning was a bit of an exception as I had every intention of going back to sleep on the couch) and I try to wear a touch of makeup at least once a week, paint my nails, shave my legs, all that girly stuff that I have previously turned my nose up at. I don't wait for three weeks before I shave my legs anymore. I don't hide myself under too-large sweatshirts and bulky jeans every day. I wear the clothes that I've had forever but always rolled my eyes at because there was no cause to wear nice clothes around the house. WHAT? Sure there is. There is a perfectly good cause, and I am wearing the ring he put on me the day we married.

sweltering celt
Lots to think about on this blog....and sexy stories too!