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Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Calendar I Want

aubade calendar, garter belt
Aubade is publishing an all black and white calender of, well, its gorgeous products on really beautiful women. You can see the whole thing at weblog:sex, fun music videos. I would be a very happy girl if this calendar was in my stocking....

Classic lingerie photography from, I would say the late 1940's or early 1950's. This is what is knowwn as a corselette. It was designed to shape and control but it did not lace up. They are lovely to wear under a dress with pretty stockings and a lacy black slip....
corset girl

Interesting to have panties which match your top...I have to say I love her shoes. Lovely long legs are set off so well with the right shoes...
corset girl

Friday, December 03, 2004

Black Lace Scarf

black thong panties
A black thong and a, well, scarf?? Once again the idea of lingerie is concealment as well as provocation and this long shot is a little of both...Why is Natalia Sirocka walking down a country road wearing very little? Another mystery for the ages...

Raised slip

black lace slip
Isn't this pretty. The black lace trim of the slightly raised slip is beautifully set off by the faux lace at the top of the stockings.
corset girl

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Over Easy

Elizabeth Shue, black bra and panties
The lovely Elizabeth Shue cooking breakfast. There is nothing like a black lace apron to spice up french toast. Especially if you remember to forget wearing a dress....

Curvy Girls

white open bottomed girdle
Here is a delectable white open bottomed girdle doing a great job of holding up those pretty black seamed stockings. For curvy girls like this one I think a girdle really is a necessity. It keeps the girl's curves in control and, as the commercials used to say, avoids unsightly bulges. A very nice, well underwired bra completes this girls fine foundations...

Secret Santas

The delightfully pie-eyed Santa looking at you through the wreath is a reminder that you can support Lingerie Dreams by doing your Christmas shopping at Amazon.com: Books, CDs, DVDs, electronics and very sexy lingerie...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Jiggles Controlled

white open bottomed girdle
I have no doubt that this is the first in a series of pictures of this girl taking off her pretty white bra and shortie white open bottomed girdle...the stripper shoes are a dead giveaway. But while she remains partially clothed isn't it lovely to see what a good girdle can do for even the most basic hose? And wouldn't she look adorable in a pretty dress with all her natural jiggles brought into firm control?

Champagne Dreams

black lace basque
Dressed in a lacy basque and black stockings with a champagne flute in her black lace opera gloved hand, this girl is ready for as good a time as she can have.This would fall in the category, loverwear, as it is not well enough made to actually do much more than provoke on the way from the dressing room to the bed room....And nothing wrong with that I say....

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Little White Waist Cincher

white waist cincher
Now do you see why girls like corsets...This is me, not terribly tightly laced, ready for the day. During the day I lace down to twenty three to twenty five inches. Nothing too extreme...at least compared to 21 for evening. This is a Vollers underbust waist cinching corset and a Cosabella slip....(Thanks Dan...) Enjoy!

Black Seamed Stockings

black seamed stockings
Is it vintage or shot last week? My bet is shot last week. For one thing, the high cut panties do not look terribly vintage, nor do the very nice shoes...but the giveaway is the shag carpet. Rather more 70's than 40's. Her hose is perfect. You can trace the straight seams and catch a hint of a garter strap.  lingerie girl

Pretty Panties gone Bad

panties, lace panties
You would be amazed at the pretty panties lurking under even the rattiest jeans...These are perfect, a blaze of purple against silver and black...I do hope this girl is not about to do what the photo suggests...she might go blind. If I recall I got this lovely shot from Gushing Lindsey... Lingerie Girl

Monday, November 29, 2004

Frilly Maid's Petticoat

maid's uniform, petticoat
Maid for you...The sheer petticoat just barely covers her pert bottom. And it lets us see how clever her wide garter belt really is...Remember to bookmark this page...I update daily...and do explore my advertisers when you are done.... Posted Lingerie Girl

Sexy white bra, panties and lacy stayups...for everyday

white bra
Welcome Dirty Minds and Attu visitors...it's been a busy day at Lingerie Dreams...thank you! And if you like what you see look right and, well, you know what to do...Here is just plain white lingerie..Nothing complicated. But a plunge bra and pretty lace tops on the stay-ups...Perfect! Posted bra girls

Pretty Punk in Leather

bustier, opera gloves
This girl is proof that if you ar beautiful enough you can do whatever you want with your hair....Leather is sometimes used for lingerie. Usually in fetishwear of which this bustier and matched open opera gloves are great examples. Leather is great fun to wear provided a girl can afford to have it lined in a silk or a satin... Posted lace and leather
teddy, white stayups
For the life of me I cannot figure out what to call this pretty bit of lingerie. It is sort of a teddy; but the pleating at the waist is puzzling. ...Not that it matters. The girl is so very pretty and this is one of the few times where white stay-ups don't look silly.... lingerie

Sunday, November 28, 2004


In the next day or so I am going to put up some pretty lingerie you can buy through Amazon to delight your special someone at Christmas...look for them to your right...and while your eyes are over there it's nice to see the public service ads have been replaced...so show your support for Lingerie Dreams....
camisolle and boycut panties
Girly, comfortable and very sexy in a lazy Sunday morning with the paper sort of way. This outfit from Arianne Lingerie is filled with suble lacing references and dotted with petti point flowers. Almost as cute as the girl wearing it... Posted by Hello
stockings, lace tap panties
Isn't she gorgeous. Just the little hint of the stocking top and pretty loose leg, tap panties underneath her skirt. This is a modern girl who appreciates the delicacy with which women used to dress... Posted by Hello