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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Alyssa Milano in satin and lace

Alyssa Milano, slip
Here's a very nearly perfect slip worn by Alyssa Milano. Perfect because a good slip is cut as carefully as a body hugging dress. It needs to follow a girl's curves and tuck in where she does. Too often a slip is the least sexy lingerie a girl puts on - too bad because as this stunning combination of lasce and silk shows, it should be the very most sensual.

Catherine Zeta Jones: satin and tulle slip

Catherine Zeta Jones, slip
I've been sorting through my slips file...Here is Catherine Zeta Jones looking demure in a perfect full slip with an tulle underslip and black lace top stockings...Yummy!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Pretty Lejaby Pink Lace

Lejaby is always a treat. They get the details exactly right. Like the little piece of ribbon around this girl's neck echoing the pattern of the pink lace trim on the bra. Plus, while Lejaby is wonderfully sexy, it is also incredibly comfortable to wear...

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Now this is a gorgeous bra and panty set. The sheer lace bra is all about revealing while the panty is very modest.The lace top stayups are adorable. But, for me at least, the model, Martina Klein, is made by the little peach silk robe. That is just exquisite.
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Pretty in a pink dress and black stockings. The blonde bombshell has gone out of fashion but in the 1950's this was the girl...Interesting that she has a white garter belt with black stockings. Not something I'd do but it ceratily draws your eye to her thigh....
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Eva in a bullet bra for Guess. You have to be as beautiful as this girl is for the 50's bullet bra to look anything but very odd. I tried one once and realized that the shape was literally sewn into the bra...very strange.
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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My French friend Jacques sent me this delicious stockings picture which I thought I just had to share. The black garter strap, perfect ribbon covered garter tabs and lovely soft grey stockings all said - share!
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What a fabulous garter belt. The pale pink satin ribbon with its little bow and metal tabs are all a girl could want to hold up her stockings. And nice to see grey, lace topped, stockings which are so flattering to a woman's skin...
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Ana Hickman has never looked sexier than in this basque and panty set...And look at those lux stockings. The sheen is all about spending fifty dollars on a pair of stockings so sheer you will have to change them at least once during a dinner date...Assuming he ever calls...
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Back to the 1950's for a very artistic bit of ad photography. This is a lovely open bottom girdle with intricate straps to hold up the top...I'd love to find one like this on Ebay...
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Better in French

Soutiens-gorge, culottes, jarretière, corsets en soie, satin ou coton ... tout ce qu'une femme pourrait désirer! zewoc.com

Now, isn't she delicious? A slightly long line bra is wonderful because it easily supports your breasts without too much stress on the shoulder straps. The high cut panty with the lace panel would provide just a little control while being very sexy under a pretty dress. and what a relief from thongs... Posted by Hello

I don't usually like very bright colours in lingerie...give me "dead salmon" any day. but if you have this girl's colouring a pretty red bra which exactly matches your lipstick looks like a great idea... Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

Butterflies in Lace

basque, thong
My French friend Jacques sent along this lovely shot of a basque in the Darjeeling line from Chantelle. Those of us who are Jewel in the Crown fans will recognize the butterflies caught in lace...

I just love the simple, plain, sensual elegance of this shot of Alice Dodd in a largely unbuttoned chemise. Translucent rather than transparent; but I suspect even slightly high humidity would change that....

Isn't this adorable? Rare to see a young model wearing something as sensbile and sexy as a waist cincher...but you can see how well it defines her hips and, lest we forget, holds up her remarkably pink stockings...

A flash from the past. One of Lingerie Dreams' early supporters wanted a few pictures of girls in frothy petticoats...It does not get much frothier than these lovely confections. Any girl who has not enjoyed the swish of a good starchy crinoline against her hose under a pouf skirt needs to get herself to a thrift store or Ebay this instant...

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lingerie Dreams Archives

I've posted the partial archives of Lingerie Dreams here.

For a more formal occasion a girl can't do much better than a semi-transparent black lace slip and open toed mules...
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Patsy Kinset demonstrating that in innocent little white cotton camisole and a pair of very slight panties can get a girl a long way. Perfect for a jeans and man's white cotton shirt sort of day...but if you look closely, you'll see Patsy would be wearing sky high stiletos with her jeans...
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