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Saturday, December 18, 2004

A naughty girl indeed....doesn't she know her garter tabs should be directly above the seam in her stocking...of course, she is in the perfect position to be corrected.

Sheer on sheer. It is always an interesting question: how many sheer layers add up to opaque, or, opaque enough. Rachel Leigh Cook fudges the issue with the applique...

It's been a while since I posted a shot of Kate Moss. she is actually wearing, or falling out of, a slinky little dress here. The lingerie connection is the glimpse of thigh just abouve her stocking top. No question at all, stockings give a girl so many options for a little discreet flirting...

I just love these panties. Much as thongs make sense they are not the most comfortable thing in the world to wear. These are as comfy as they are hot. And they are very hot. Funny what full cut panties made entirely out of lace will do for a girl.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Nothing more beautiful than Carman Kass in a see through lace slip (?) by Versace. This is lingerie taken one step further with the tiny straps and the wrap at the waist screaming fashion.

I admit I have a fondness for pretty slips on women as beautiful as Adriana Sklenarikova. this one is elegant with the black straps, lace and fringe on a golden nude fabric. Body hugging and lovely light support in the cups.

Adriana Lima is smiling too much for this to be a a spanking so what the devil are these pretty Vogue models doing beside the picnic table...Well, perhaps showing off pretty panties is its own excuse....

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Here is a quirky, rather fun blog about a guy and his Japanese wife who he dresses in all manner of, yes, you guessed it, panties. PantiesPantiesPanties is well worth a visit.

And while we are on the subject of corselettes and open bottom girdles here is a Playboy shot of Dita von Teese worrying the hook and eye closure of a rather beautiful open bottomed all in one. Nice to see the Playboy stylist knows how to attach the back garter strap to the stocking right above the seam...

So, if my dress was suddenly blown off and I was wearing a hat, sunglasses and opera gloves, this would be me shopping. I suspect there might be something of a rush to the fruit and vegetable section. Very elegant and very sophisticated. Yes, accessories do count and there is nothing like a single strand of pearls to complete an outfit...even if you somehow forget your dress.

A modern girl with a 20's bob and a 40's corselette. I like shots like this because the girl is so obviously new to modelling lingerie. She is playing at it and, with all her vamping, succeeds in projecting innocence.

Just a little picture which captures the allure of elegant stocking tops....The sheen of the black stocking is nicely set off by the dark purple of the garter strap...

Isn't she perfect in her t-shirt cupped bra and totally simple panties. Too many young girls go over the top with their lingerie. Lace and frou frou and colours not seen in nature. What they should realize is that for a few years their youth is far more important than their lingerie.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


white bra and panties

Here is another phtographer worth checking out. Marty Gast is a photographer who understands how to shoot lingerie and the women who wear it...lots of great boycut panties too....

Of course, a real lady would keep all her curves under strict control with an all in one. Look at this girl's waist - tiny. She could be wearing a corset but this is more modern. At least it was in 1948. The point of lingerie like this is to make sure that a girl doesn't jiggle, ever. but, believe it or not, these all in ones are amazingly comfortable and, under a knit dress for example, incredibly provocative...

Who says everyday has to be boring. This bra and panty set looks perfectly comfortable, would go with anything and has sexy little details and loads of lace. Pretty, practical and feminine...could a girl ask for more...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Beauty Prepares

As regular readers know I love shots of girls getting ready...Ready for what? Your imagination has to take over there. This shot is from photographer Andrew Shapter's gallery site.

Here is another piece of pretty "sleep" wear. It is available at figleaves. The cups are lightly padded which will be flattering to even the pretiest breasts. Again, semi-transparent and nice fabric. She really will love you for taking the time to find her something pretty and provocative...How she thanks her Santa will, of course, be up to her...

Now this is much more like it. A girl opening a lingerie box on Christmas morning and finding this lace and slightly transparent fitted chemise will be delighted. Notice that the model is not 20 and is not tiny. The little bit of lycra here and there really enhances a curvy gal...You may find yourself rushing through Christmas dinner....

More than a few women are going to wake up to something like this on Christmas morning. For girls built like this one, and cute French polish by the way, a bit of glossamer come hither is part of the price nature demands of beauty. For the rest of us it is not quite so much fun....soooo, gentlemen, if you are thinking of getting your sweetie something cute for Christmas look for pure silk, opaque with minimal frou-frou but a couple of cute details. She'll be delighted and will have much more fun wearing it and, let's face it, if she has fun, you have fun....

Monday, December 13, 2004

Afternoon...I just like this image of a girl slipping out of her pink cashmere sweater to reveal a prety, lacy white bra. Nice to have the lace run up the straps and the cups are sexy and demure....Tea??

This what a girl looks like adjusting her hose...Of course it is always nice to have a dress with buttons to avoid hoiking your skirt up. Nice girls always do this in the powder room...not so well brought up girls, well.... Posted by Hello

Louise Nurding looks sleek and desirable in this sheer white chemise over unadorned black bra and panties. It is the contrast and the hint of concealment which leaves you wanting to see just a little more. Posted by Hello

Lejaby peeking around the door. This bra and panty set with their more modern lace would be perfect for day wear if you could afford it. The little string detail between the cups is exquisite... Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I am not a huge fan of teddies but on this lovely amateur this little black lace and satin teddy is wonderful. It doesn't hurt that this is one of the prettiest non-professional girls I have seen in years, that delicious knowing smile. Not to mention beautiful long legs. Posted by Hello

Bad girl in a chemise...I fear that this chemise is not going to stay in place very long. This is the perfect provocation piece - lots of black lace, short and the fabric is entirely transparent. Ideal for the caper around the bed...Great shoes, whorish without being the least bit tacky which is quite a trick. Posted by Hello