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Friday, December 24, 2004

What a treat!

Via Eroticallee1 I ran across the new blog, Life of a Demure College Student. Lovely girl taking pictures of herself more or less in lingerie...

Isn't this a pretty picture. Just a gorgeous girl in a black corselett fastening her stocking. But how wonderfully lush she is. And her expression, "Would you like to help? Of course you would..." is just so knowing.

Covering up with the right material - bias cut satin works rather well - is often sexier than transparency. Of course the little cutout to show off her tiny little waist don't hurt....

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Petticoat heaven! I'd love to have a clearer shot of this girl in her lovely petticoats; but this is the best I have. Any girl who has worn a set of slightly starched, tulle, petticoats will know how wonderfully feminine they make us feel....

France in the 50's was, as it no longer is, the epicentre of the fashion world. this pretty bra and girdle are all about the "New Look": tiny waists and projectile breasts. Which is fun right now, I say.

Apretty girl in a body suit. I like bodies simply because they ease the friction of a corset. This is a great body. More like a swim suit than lingerie; but beautiful.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I wonder if this is a Patricia Fieldwalker design? It has all the elements I like - simplicity, elegance and sexiness. A pretty girl in a pretty chemise is hard to resist.

Isn't she magnificent? Junoesque as my grandmother would have put it. For girls who are this well built a good bra is a necessity; but too often a good bra is a really boring bra. Not here, the smooth red velvet and lovely cupping effect make this bra a treat...

The almost perfect secretary. She'd be perfect if she was wearing stockings with her pretty patent leather shoes and lace edged black slip...

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Another great semi-sheer chemise. This time on Melanie Sykes. There is just enough lycra to hug he lovely body without restricting her. The wide set shoulder straps will let her wear this with beautifully open dresses...

No doubt mother told me about the danger of too short skirts and static cling in restaurants...apparently this girl missed that memo. But what a delightful sight. I especially like the black stockings even though she has failed the snap to the top of the seam test...

Monday, December 20, 2004

Full fashioned stockings held up by a rather pretty body suit. I admit I don't really like this sort of arrangement simply because the effect of the bodysuit is that the sholder straps take some of the tension of the hose...but I do like this picture.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I admit it, I have always had a tiny thing for trashy bottle blondes. The sleezy two triangles on a couple of strings bra does nothing at all for her and who cares. Those red, red lips matching the nails are perfect. The cigarette just adds the the haute trailer trash look....

A perfect lady. Heels, hose,. gloves. A rather lovely below the knee half slip and elegant, white, front closure bra complete the outfit. The opera gloves are a bonus but, personally, I put mine on after I dress.

Here is a lovely silk slip on an equally lovely Dominique Swain. The little fringe of lace at the hem flirts with the eye...