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Saturday, January 01, 2005

I love this white lace sheer bra. What I love most is that it cups the young girl's breasts with opaque off center demi cups and then presents them with a sheer insert which leaves her nipples half bare. All the time providing a provocative garnish of the prettiest lace...Delicious.

Golden girl...I appreciate blondes with great tans despite being brunette and very fair skinned. Especially in bronze lingerie. The balcony bra (isn't that a lovely name) is perfectly flattering and the very full panty is a nice alternative to a thong...

Sleek panties on a pretty girl

young girl, pretty panties
Night of the slightly hyper thyroid women you say? Well, er, yes. But what pretty panties on this young girl. A lovely black lace top as well. The panties are a nice compromise between the discomfort of a string thong and a fuller panty. Cute.

And a Happy New Year to all! You'll have to wait a day or two for my New Year's outfit...but I can tell you it did not involve any latex! Unlike this little bra which seems to have been entirely made of rubber. Interesting look...

Friday, December 31, 2004

Perfect Lingerie

garter belt
Yes, I say yes. This is a perfect lingerie outfit. From Barbara Lingerie in France. So what's right? The wonderful wide garter belt which would be sooo comfortable. The full yet revealing bra with such pretty details.The colour. The grey satin ribbons at the garter tabs. Sexy, understated, dressed, defined...It's all right.

Silk Submission

Nadja Auermann
Is this the final objective of lingerie? Nadja Auermann is ripe and ready in a silk slip and stay ups. Again that critical linebetween the public and the private demarcated by the welt of her nylons.For a young girl, a pretty girl, to lean into a man's hand so submissively is a delight. It's rare; but when it happens watch out...

Short slip and stockings

cotton slip
We see here the ideal position for garter straps and fasteners...Ladies, directly above the seam...even if it is a tacky red seam it should at least be straight. Now, I for one would love to know if that is a pretty white cotton slip she is not quite wearing or if she's got her dress up several inches further than a well brought up young girl should.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Young Girl in Corset

young girl
The beautiful LeDemure at Life of a Demure College Student desperately needs a decent, heck, half decent, digital camera...Now I bet at least one of you kind gentlemen (or ladies, it is a very empowered blog thank you) got a 6 Megapixel for Christmas....so what are you doing with the 3 you got in 2001?? Think of how wonderful she'll look without all those jagglies...

Lejaby lingerie, sexy and pretty

lejaby lingerie, bra, panties
LeJaby thank you. Just lots of pretty flowers, nice wide shoulder straps and pretty scalloped lace at the legs of the boycut panty, make this set perfect under a dress or just jeans and a cashmere sweater...

A really lovely corset influenced camisole with a pretty pair of panties. I suspect this is wonderfully comfortable and would give just a hint of control...

Call me a slip slut...but here Mena Suvari is simply incandescent in two layers of sheer magic. A really beautiful young girl in lingerie who does not need to show a thing to promise it all....

Just the thing for a walk in a formal garden...Sadly, women don't get to wear lovely, long, sheer petticoats much any more. And, back in the day, the perfect white thong would be stripper wear. Sweet nostalgia...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Just too pretty not to share...You can see rather more of Veronica Zemanova here.

What a lovely shot...Silk and lace chemise, seamed stay-ups....Too bad about the peeler shoes. I love how the black band at the top of the hose divides public from private....

Now this is a lovely idea. Just a tiny bit of sheer fabric at the bottom of a really cute lacy bra. Not terribly practical as it means you can only wear the outfit with dresses; but gorgeous.

Sophie Anderton looks, well, hot in this great slip and panty combination. The tiny, double spagetti straps area great way of holding up about half an ounce of lace...Perfect.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Think she'll get a ride?

Nothing says luxe like gold. The pretty ribbon detail at the shoulder strap is perfect. So is the white transparent shirt coming off....

Is there anything prettier than a pensive, young, Brigitte Bardot in a corset inspired top circa 1965. I thought not....

Monday, December 27, 2004

I've been neglecting negligees...Nothing wrong with a little tulle whispering sweet promises...and, if the promises don't work you can turn the negligee into curtains as this girl did with her last one... Posted by Hello

What a great bra and panty set. The little grey straps are echoed in the design and the black ribbon is just soo elegant. Plus, here is a really pretty young girl whose curves are in perfect control...once she slips into that open bottomed girdle of course.... Posted by Hello

Back to the 50's with a wonderful strapless bra, sexy black stockings and white garterbelt and panties. I wonder what this beautiful blonde is listening for?? Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Pink Christmas

tight corset
And why was the little leg of lamb so good? I can't imagine; but I suspect it could have been cooked to gristle and gone unnoticed. Corsets really are a girl's best friend. Posted by Hello

Too much fun. girdle, stockings, corset and pretty little cami( thanks Dan!) for Christmas dinner. Lace before your eat I say. Posted by Hello

Sugar Plum Fairy I

pink, corset, sugar plum fairy
The Sugar Plum Fairy..C'est moi in a Vollers pink underbust corset, Cosabella cami, lovely white girdle and full fashioned hose with a great sixties petticoat. Ready to cook a fabulous Christmas dinner - lamb thank you, turkey is sooooo filling. I'll post a few more later but wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Posted by Hello