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Friday, January 07, 2005

Waist Nipping Panties

black highrise panties

Who needs a gym when you have panties with lots and lots of lycra? Actually, it is amazing how well your clothes fit if you wear a pair of these. They work sort of like a girdle but with a little less support. And they are way more comfortable. Great shapewear for everyday....

Just a Simple Cotton Nightie

Jessica St. George

1965 Playmate Jessica St. George shows that even the most demure nightie, worn with a bit of attitude is wonderfully provocative. Hard to believe that picutre is 40 years old. The lighting, compostion, her hair, all look contemporary.

Redhead in Full Fashioned Stockings

redhead in full fashioned stockings

A great shot for you seamed stocking (and redhead) fanciers out there. Interesting double garter strap arrangement and rare to see the garter tab twisted and tucked into the stocking. Too bad about the "Diamond Lil, Queen of the Klondike", red garter...but what can you do?


Seems traffic today and yesterday pushed a new image hoster over the bandwidth limit...Fixed in a few minutes, scroll down, there are still lots of pretty girls in lingerie...Jenny

Update: Fixed now...Thanks to Image Shack

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sleek and Simple Cotton Panties

cotton panties

Who says lingerie has to be all about lace and boning and clever fabrics? (Well, I do, but I don't look like this girl.) Just simple cotton, with a little lycra, panties and a no sleeve T. Ideal for under jeans and a plain cotton shirt...

A Woman of a Certain Age

leather corset

Alexandra is a woman after my own heart. Just look at these gorgeous stockings and little tulle slip. And, as ever, though you can't see them perfectly, really pretty shoes...

1957 Lingerie Centerfold - Gloria Windsor

leather corset

Miss April 1957 show that Playboy Magazine, right from the go, knew that frothy lingerie made a girl look great. They have been doing it ever since...Thought the dye jobs have improved...

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Abstract Garter Belt

garter belt and black stockings

It is wonderful to see a spash of colour at a girl's hips. The black lace top and the lovely black stockings are set off by the trim little garter belt with its tropical colours....Lucky girl.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Wedding Bells - Lingerie for the Day

wedding lingerieGetting dressed for her wedding a girl wants to walk a gentle line between sexy and demure. Remember, for that one day, she's a virgin. This pretty outfit with its waist nipping garter belt and simple panty, would make a girl feel sweet, innocent and delightfully daring....

T-Shirt and Panties

Angie Everhart
For sheer comfort nothing beats a tight T and a pretty pair of panties. And, if you happen to look like Angie Everhart, this can be a very sexy outfit indeed!

Monday, January 03, 2005

At the edge of sheer there is a tiny sweet spot where the romantic kisses the revealing. Estella Warren hits that spot with deadly accuracy in this transparent on transparent chemise outfit. Gorgeous, wearable, lingerie...

Film noir shot from phtographer George Holz. While the shadows obscure her eyes her strapless corselette is highlighted. They knew what they were about when they shot 50's lingerie...

Could lingerie get any prettier or more demure than this lovely lemon bra and panty set? I love the semi transparent loose cut panty. Perfect under a flowing dress. The bra is set to look like two bras, sheer beneath and lacy on top...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Pretty...no, this is beautiful. Just a perfect shot of a gorgeous girl in stunning, luxe, lingerie....Enjoy!

While the negligee/pengnoir ideal is lovely, it is also nice to have a comfy bathrobe to confront your coffee in the morning...buttoning it up would be practical but not as much fun...

Ashley Judd knows the power of a black lace chemise...Pretty, feminine, sexy and demure...