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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Christina Ricci, Black Bra

christina ricci, black bra

Is a girl's back sexy? I think so. Especially when she is wearing a pretty black bra. the contrast between Christina Ricci's white, pale skin and the black bra is striking. And sexy.

Ana hickmann in white

Ana Hickmann in white bra and panties

If you look like Ana Hickmann you don't need anything too special by way of lingerie. But a simple, pretty, white bra and panties takes a girl a long way...

A Glimpse of Stocking

young girl in stockings

I love this picture. It's late, she's bored, he's not making any progress....She likes the photographer. Easy to flirt with a pair of stockings and a slit skirt.

Friday, January 14, 2005


red bra and panties

Well, somewhat innocent...I love the floral panties with the unmatched, semi transparent white bra. She's just out of her jeans and T-shirt and getting ready for...


red bra and panties

This is a simple, sexy and seemingly comfortable lingerie set. The little pearls are cute. The lace on velvet demure but attractive. A nice set for evening or with jeans and a sweater.


white bra and panties

Gracious this is a complicated outfit. Straps going this way and that. Lingerie designers are always coming up with clever ways of shaping curves with the least possible material. Somehow I doubt many women were rushing out to buy this bit of engineering. Made all the worse by the "invisible" shoulder straps which fool no one...Pretty girl though.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lingerie as Outerwear II

Claudia Schiffer slip dress

Well, actually just an excuse to post a really gorgeous picture of Claudia Schiffer...But this dress is all about lingerie and the beauty of black lace and bias cut.

Lingerie as outerwear

Versace slip dress

This is a Versace dress...You'll be seeing it at your supermarket soon...Using the lace and the detailing of the finest lingerie, Versace creates a dress for the very daring indeed...

Silk bra and panties

LeJaby, bra and panties

Pale. Pale pink silk. Soft, feminine details, tiny ruffles on the panty... What girl could resist Lejaby?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ana Hickmann - Bra and Stockings

Ana Hickmann, black bra and stockings

Black and white shots make some girls look even better than colour. Ana Hickmann is one of those girls. Her stockings, with their wide black lace band, look even more sheer, her lovely white lace on her black bra cups and caresses her breasts. Glorious!

Wrong Garters

Inga Drozdova, white bra

Ha, ha...men's sock garters...Inga Drozdova is completely fooled. The silliness of Playboy shoots doesn't detract one bit from the beautiful girls and the often brilliant lingerie. This is the simplest little bra with comfortable wide shoulder straps and delicate lace. And I love the fact Inga kept her engagement ring on for her shoot...

Black Stockings

black stockings

Doesn't she have pretty legs? Nothing makes a girl's legs look longer or sexier than a pair of sheer black stockings. The girly black lace tops are adorable too...Just the right transition between public and deliciously private...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Katherine Heigl's little Bra

Katherine Heigl bra

What a pretty girl! I found her over at blog the goose which is a fun site with a link to endless galleries of pretty girls wearing very little. This is a great shot simply because it is revealing without being explicit. Which is, after all, the art of seduction...

Charlize' Teddy

Charlize Theron, white teddy

Teddies are a lovely compromise between a camisole and panties and a chemise. I rather like them with jeans and a shirt. Charlize Theron shows just how seductive and comfortable a nicely cut teddy can be...

Jesica Lee: Pink Ribbons

Jessica Lee, pink garter belt

Pink can look wonderful framing a beautiful girl's hips and holding up her hose. This antigue pink garter belt is everything a garter belt should be...high on Jessica Lee's hips, broad and delciously erotic. The shimmer of the faded pink satin ribbon is perfect...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Can you spell T.A.R.T.?

redhead in panties

What a deliciously tarty looking redhead...You can just hear her saying, "Like this?"

Now, I am not a redhead and never have had much interest in the dye job necessary; but, why would a girl with this colouring wear, well, hotish pink? I know, that's what the photographer had in the studio; but still, I bet the lingerie she wore to the shoot would have been more flattering.


Sorry about the lack of updates....I am digging out from two feet of snow, no power, no phone, no snow plows...thermal lingerie the order of the day....posting will resume shortly! I just have to defrost my hard drive...