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Saturday, February 05, 2005


black bra and panties, stayups

After....a girl has to get dressed. A pretty black balcony bra, simple black panties, sheer black stayups and she's ready to face the morning...Will she be back? At the moment she's pensive...she doesn't know.

Ines Sastre, Black Suits her

Ines Sastre, black camisolle

When you are as beautiful as Ines Sastre the simplist little black knit camisole looks glamourous. (Brilliant photography helps.)

Backstage Bra

40's white bra

You know how I love pictures of girls getting ready. This is a gorgeous shot, looks like the late 1940's early 50's. Pretty slip, lovely bra and, if you look to the right, a the box her stockings came in...Mmmmm.

Friday, February 04, 2005

The Naughty Archives

This will be of interest mainly to webmasters. I have set up a new blog called The Naughty Archives. It's designed to help ensure that sexy blog archives are found by the search engine bots. If you have naughty archives you'd like included, drop me an email.

Quick Smoke...

pretty young girl in black bra

Don't cigarettes give a girl a delightfully tarty look? Of course, smoking without your blouse on helps...I've put this girl up before but I like this shot too.

Personally, I put my bra on befor my lipstick...

Ashley from Penthouse

but, apparently, at Penthouse they do it the other way round. I love any picture of a girl making up and this girl's stay ups and panties are very cute. Black is such a good colour for a blonde...

Bra and Girdle from above

pretty woman in girdle and bra

This is a rather funny angle; but the woman in the pretty white bra, sexy white girdle, hose and opera gloves doesn't seem to mind...

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Girdled Beauty

black girdle

For sheer waist compression and bust support there is simply no beating a really good 50's girdle - except, of course, with a corset. This wonderful picture is from a fashion shoot dated 1950...demure and ever so sexy.

Knowing in the 1950's

50's black sheer bra and black stockings

A girl whose been around the block as my mother used to say. Sheer fabrics for bras were not unknown in the 1950's. And the full fashioned stockings are a treat. I'd love to have a pair of gloves like those....

No Waisted Effort

silk slip

One last one...A perfect slip as this 50's model has her tiny, long waist measured...

And a quick thank you to everyone who visited Library Filter. I really appreciate it.

Pale Pink Girdle with Sheer Hose

Pale Pink Girdle with Sheer Hose

A girl is not really dressed without a pretty pair of stockings and a good, firm, girdle to keep her curves in control...Then, again, as this girl proves, she's not really dressed with them either....

The Perfect Secretary

secretary in stockings

Doing the filing can be so tiring....and so hot. (Worth clicking the full image)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Black Girdle, Modern Girl

black girdle, black stockings

I am still trying to figure out if I like the red leather upper soles on the shoes or if they look slutty. No matter, here's why modern girls learn to love girdles...not to mention black, sheer, stockings...

Demure in the 50's

50's bra and stockings

Back then a girl, especially an English girl, was expected to have her slip nicely ironed, a plain white bra, and long, sheer hose...Lucky thing.

Thong and Chaps


Well, it's a look...not one I would wear. But a great photograph of a beautiful girl...what we can see of her that is.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Phaedra Hoste's Blue Bra

phaedra hoste, blu bra

What a pretty girl Phaedra Hoste is. And such pretty lingerie. A very simple and very bare panty and a nearly perfect, deep plunge, blue bra...With just enough support to round her breasts...Lovely

Carmen Chaplin loses her sweater dress

Carmen Chaplin, black bra

As Carmen Chaplin loses her sweater dress she can't help but admire a really gorgeous black demi cup bra with its froth of black lace...Neither can I.

Meanwhile, a quick thank you for your patience and for making January a great month despite the computer crashes. In particular, thank you to everyone who went to Internet Filtering. Visit often as it gets me closer to the new computer I really need!

Ana Hickman in Black Lace

Ana Hickman in Black Lace

I can't get enough of this girl. Ana Hickman has cheekbones which set her wonderful stare off. She's taut but not a bone rack. This sheer black lace bra and panty set are pure magic..


black bra, panties, stockings

You have a date. From office demure to just slightly vampy all in one quick trip to the loo. Your office friends wouldn't recognize the girl who steps out of the cubicle...which is just as it should be. The secret is to wear bra, panties and stockings for work which will be delicious under that hot red dress...

Monday, January 31, 2005

Eva Herzigova's White Bra

Eva Herzigova's White Bra

Nothing could be cuter or simpler than a plain white bra with deliciously comfortable wide straps. There is lots of structure in the bra; but, then, again, Eva Herzigova's curvy shape needs a little structure here and there.


emma, bra, panties, garter

It's lovely to be back and thank you everyone who wondered where I have been...More computer problems...grrr.

Here is a very beautiful German girl in a shot which is set up to look as if she, somehow, simply forgot her dress on the way to the opera. Glorious bra and lovely matched panties and stocking...